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AnimSchool Malcolm Mod Animation Contest
CURRENT CONTEST March 20, 2020 - May 22, 2020
over $4,000 in Cash PRIZES
Professional Division
1st Place: $1800, 2nd Place: $800, People's Choice: $200

Novice Division
1st Place: $900, 2nd Place: $400, People's Choice: $100

Get ready for the next AnimSchool Contest! This is a huge contest with over $4000 in prizes.
Cash prizes are being awarded for the best original new animations using AnimSchool's Malcolm that you modify, with this theme...
Pro Division Malcolm Mod Contest May 2020
Novice Division Malcolm Mod Contest May 2020
CONTEST OVER Marco Rig Contest
PREVIOUS CONTEST February 12, 2020 - March 13, 2020
Contestants entered to win one of two licenses per division to use our exclusive character rig, Marco for personal, non-commercial uses for the BEST animation using AnimSchool's Malcolm rig you can download here. You can post one you have ALREADY DONE or a new animation you make for this contest.
Animation must be 30 seconds or shorter in length and AnimSchool's Malcolm rig must be shown, animated, within the first 5 seconds of any entry. Any additional rigs you use must be be licensed to be used in a contest like this.
Pro Division Marco Rig Contest March 2020
Novice Division Marco Rig Contest March 2020
Professional Division 1st Place

The Hanged Man. from Alex Rivera on Vimeo.

Professional Division 2nd Place

He Can't Be! AnimSchool Contest from Ozan Basaldi on Vimeo.

Novice Division 1st Place

AnimSchool Contest - Piers Shepherd-Rose from Piers Shepherd-Rose on Vimeo.

Novice Division 2nd Place

I'm French!! - Animschool Contest from Michael Martin on Vimeo.

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