How to Apply?

AnimSchool Admission Process

AnimSchool's mission is to teach the next generation of 3D animation professionals
Learn the skills used to make 3D characters for feature films, tv productions, vr and video games.
Download the current AnimSchool Catalog and review the contents. This is a detailed document covering how AnimSchool works and school policies.
Decide which payment method you'll use. You can pay per term, per month, or using Easy Pay [Download the EasyPay Truth in Lending Disclosures].
AnimSchool partner ClimbCredit offers student loans for our students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents only. International students may also qualify with a U.S. co-borrower. If you qualify, get pre-approved for a ClimbCredit student loan.
For more details, see the Tuition and Fees page.
Decide which program track you'd like to apply to! AnimSchool offers two different courses of study in computer animation. Each program has THREE prerequisite courses plus Introduction to Maya, if applicable. After passing the introductory level courses students apply for a place in one of our programs.
  • In the 3D Animation program, you learn how to animate at a feature film level. In later classes students choose between advanced film animation and gaming animation courses.
  • In the 3D Character Program, you learn how to make characters, from modeling to rigging. In later classes, students have a choice of classes, learning about advanced sculpting, more technical scripting and tools or lighting and environmental modeling, or animation.
  • No program. I just want to take an individual class, Express style.
Write a one paragraph description of your goals in learning 3D at AnimSchool. We would like to admit those most committed to completing a program of study. You will be asked to paste your goal statement during the application process.
Post your art online. If you have not made any 3D or 2D characters or animation yet, that is fine. In that case, post any of your drawings or visual arts abilities at a web file service such as, or other direct web location. Be prepared to post the link during the application process.
The state requires that students sign an enrollment agreement. Review a sample here. You will need to type your name at the bottom of the enrollment agreement. This is the digital equivalent of signing the agreement.
You will need to agree to the website Terms of Use Agreement.
We need to verify your educational experience for accreditation purposes. You will need a High School diploma (or equivalent), or official college transcripts, or college degree to submit digitally (scan or photo) during the application process. We accept documents in languages other than English, but we will take the needed time to translate and certify your documents (provisional acceptance is possible during this process). Additional processing fees can apply depending on cost of translating and certifying educational documents; it is recommended to submit single page diplomas rather than multiple page official transcripts to keep costs low.
Submitting the first page of a transcript alone is acceptable to lower costs if the document proves college enrolment, lists the student name, school name, and is an official transcript.
There is an application fee of $125 dollars, this fee is refundable for up to 3 days after acceptance into AnimSchool in case the applicant would like to cancel their enrollment. You will need to pay that fee now to apply. Tuition will not be due until you have been admitted into the school. For the Monthly Payment Plan, you will be required to pay a Tuition Deposit upon acceptance. The deposit is equal to 1 month's tuition and is held on account for your final month of classes. Your 1st monthly tuition payment will then be due on the 25th of the month before the start of the term. You will be notified by the Payments Department when Automatic Payments have been set up. For the EasyPay Payment Plan, your first monthly tuition payment is due upon acceptance to AnimSchool, then your remaining Monthly payments will be due on the 25th day of each month. The Payments Department will notify you when Automatic Payments have been set up.
Due to legislation in some states, we are unable to currently accept students from certain states. View listing of the affected states.
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