Student Loans for AnimSchool

Student Loans Through ClimbCredit *$77-144 per month during classes

Student Loans are Available from ClimbCredit
Student Loans Through ClimbCredit *$77-144 per month during classes
Financial Aid for those who qualify. AnimSchool students can now apply for student loans through partner lender ClimbCredit.

AnimSchool partner ClimbCredit offers student loans for our students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents only. International students may also qualify with a U.S. co-borrower.

*amount varies based on credit score and length of loan. After deferred period ends after anticipated graduation, payments increase to full payments of $330-420 depending on credit score, loan period, and number of classes.

Qualifying applicants can get preapproved for a private student loan from lender ClimbCredit.
If you qualify, get pre-approved for a ClimbCredit student loan here:
Options for ClimbCredit Loans
Through ClimbCredit, students can start off with low interest-only payments with full payments starting only after 27 months, or start full payments right away.

Non-Deferred Payments (principal payments begin when starting - higher payments, lower overall cost) or

Deferred Payments (interest only payments until expected graduation - lower initial payments, higher overall cost)

Most students taking out a ClimbCredit loan will want to choose their Full Program option for the full financing:
24 month Full Program - ( 12 mo Track + 12 mo Program)
For those who have been approved to bypass courses, they may need only 18 or 12 months worth of financing:
18 month Half Track & Program only (advanced placement approval required)
12 month Program only (advanced placement approval required)

Getting pre-approved is immediate and does not effect your credit score. After you get pre-approved you would then decide if you want to proceed with a loan. After pre-approval you can discuss the loan options with us and decide whether to proceed. Getting a loan does affect your credit score.
For pre-approval, as a starting point you can select the option “Full Program” on the 2nd page. Enter the start date for the term you want to begin. For example you can set the dates for Winter 2020: January 5 2020 - Dec 30 2021 and the full loan amount 11,435 to cover the classes. Those dates and the borrowed amount can be edited later, so that is just a starting point.
Upon having a loan approved and enrolling in a term, students make a $500 Tuition Deposit for Climb Credit payments. That is the initial payment to begin schooling and is applied as payment toward the total tuition amount that will be owed.

If a student drops out of the Track/Program, they have any usually-calculated refunds credited. Students do not incur charges for terms when they were not registered for a class. So a student may initially take out a loan for the full amount but if they later change their mind and drop out, their loan amount will be adjusted to only the terms they registered for.

For more information about student loans see the Catalog or contact Climb by email at, live-chat on their website or by phone at 888-510-0533 (M-F, 9am to 9pm EST)

If you qualify, get pre-approved for a ClimbCredit student loan here:


As an alternative to student loans, we also offer Monthly payment plans and our Easy-Pay Program is available for Track/Program students. Those options are not limited to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get a ClimbCredit loan if I am already a student at AnimSchool?
Yes. Just apply for a loan on the ClimbCredit site and send a message to that you have begun that process.

What is the lowest amount I could borrow?
The minimum loan amount is $3000.

Are these loans from AnimSchool?
No, they are offered by ClimbCredit. Loans are originated by Climb Investco, LLC (Registered as Climb Credit Investco, LLC in Florida). Animschool does not endorse loans originated by Climb Investco, LLC and Climb Investco, LLC is not affiliated with Animschool.

Can I defer payments until after graduating?
You can defer principal payments only. If you choose that option, you pay low interest-only payments during the time you are expected to be a student. After that period, the full loan payments of principal plus interest begin.

What are the interest rates they offer?
Their rates range from 7.49% to 14.49%, depending on credit score of borrower or co-borrower and other factors. These are fixed interest rates, so you don’t have to worry about your monthly payments changing.

There are no pre-payment penalties.
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