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Income-Based - Global Access Discount Program

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For people with lower-incomes, we provide a special need-based Discount program, "Global Access"
Global Access Discount Program
For people with lower-incomes, we provide a special need-based Discount program, "Global Access," with the lowest possible price to access 3D animation professionals. Global Access tuition is approximately 1/2 the usual cost. Paired with the EasyPay program, the monthly payments can be very low.
Global Access is a Discount program for AnimSchool program students with income-based financial need. The program is intended for those in lower-than-Western-middle-class levels of income (generally lower than $18k per year income). We accept a limited number of Global Access students, and only the most qualified will be admitted. Applicants are evaluated based on three criteria: Financial Need Based on Income, Drive to Succeed, and Ability to Sustain Payments. Students generally pay for the tuition using automated repeating credit card payments by term or monthly.
We accept only a few students into the Global Access Discount Program per term. We accept new Global Access students two terms of the year.
The Global Access program is available for complete Track and program students only. It is not available for classes taken individually ("Express"). Additionally Global Access Students may not bypass more than 2 courses.
Students who feel they may qualify should apply at the earliest opportunity since these slots will be filled quickly. The "Last Day to Register" date listed on the Academic Calendar is the final cutoff, but all slots may be already filled by that time. Students are chosen by the timing of their submission and their relative qualification.
Students apply for this program by a pre-application process. Financial need is demonstrated by relevant income tax returns or international equivalent. We require applicants to supply detailed financial information and supporting documentation. Please be sure to specify which program you are interested in applying for as each program has a limited number of Global Access Discount positions available.
Before you begin your application take a moment to read these instructions, there you will find the information that you will gather need to complete your application. Failure to follow the instructions or provide accurate information could delay the processing of your application.
The Global Access Discount application is made available during two months of the year, April and October. The application is available during the entire month and needs to be completed and submitted before the end of the application period.
Global Access Discount applications are considered as they are received in order to complete the evaluations in a timely matter. Decisions are finalized by the end of May and November, respective to the month in which the application was received (April or October).
Results of the application, whether it’s an award or rejection is issued within 3 business days of the results being finalized. Results are sent by email, to the email address provided in the application.
Those that receive an award for the Global Access Discount will need to enroll in AnimSchool and take their first course in the first available term since the issuing of the award. Failure to enroll in that first upcoming term after being awarded the discount will result in the forfeiture of the awarded discount.
Application Period
Consideration Period
Distribution of Results
Enrollment Period
Month of April
Months of April and May
Within 3 business days of the results being finalized.
Summer Term
Month of October
Months of October and November
Within 3 business days of the results being finalized.
Winter Term
We are not currently accepting applications for the Global Access Discount. Please Check the Academic Calendar for enrollment dates, and check back here at that time.
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